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Tell us about your board so we can generate your quote.

Full Proto


  • Our fastest, most flexible prototype assembly service
  • Perfect for quickly testing designs
  • Get finished boards in as fast as 24 hours


PCB Size:
Min: 0.75 in. X 0.75 in.
Max: 14.5 in. X 19.5 in.

Short Run


  • Our production assembly service optimized for runs of up to 5,000 boards
  • Perfect for taking your finished design to market at the right price
  • 10, 15, & 20 Day Turn-Times available
  • No NRE, minimums, or contracts


  • SMT Parts must be: Reels (full or partial), Tubes, or Trays. No cut tape please.
  • PCBs smaller than 16 sq. in. (or not square / rectangular) must be panelized.
  • CAD Data (ASCII / Text) must be provided.
  • Note: Our assembly questions have been recently updated, check values carefully.
Board Details
Desired board quantity
Total unique parts
(# BOM line items)
Lead-Free processing?   
Class III Inspection?   
ITAR Controlled?   
Placements on Board
Total Placements
How many of those placements are Thru-Hole?
Do placements include BGA or QFN parts?
BGA or QFN   
Are some placements on the bottom side?
Double Sided

Are you sure? Class 3 is for extremely high-stress / high-reliability situations. More info...

Add PCB Fabrication
Screaming Circuits and Sunstone have partnered to let you quote & order fabrication along with your assembly job. Check the box at left, get a quote on the following page, pick your turnaround time and submit. Sunstone will fab your boards and send them to us for assembly. Easy! Learn More…

Add Parts
Save time by having us provide your parts! We'll use your Bill of Materials file to give you an instant quote.

Desired Board Quantity
The number of PCBs you would like us to assemble.

Total Unique Parts (Number of BOM line items)
This is the number of different part numbers used on your PCB assembly. In other words, if you send us a box with all of the parts, how many different bags will there be? In most cases, this is the number of line items in your Bill of Materials (BOM).

For example, a 10k resistor and a 1k resistor would be considered 2 Manufacturer part #s and a 20k resistor used at 4 different locations, R6, R7, R11 and R15, would be considered as one Manufacturer part #.

Double Sided Placements?
Are there surface mount or thru-hole components on both sides of your PCB?

Lead-Free processing?
Do you need lead-free RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) processing? If so, we will build your assembly with fully RoHS compliant process and supplies.

The total number of surface mount parts to be placed on the board (Example: 0805 resistor or TSOP chip). This count should not include any parts listed below in the thru-hole or BGA/QFN/Leadless boxes.

Total Placements
How many total placements will we be making on each board? This includes all components, including surface mount and thru-hole parts.

The total number of thru-hole parts. (Example: Axial leaded resistor). Note that thru-hole connectors count as one each, regardless of the number of pins they have.

Fine Pitch
The total number of surface mount devices that have a spacing of 20 mils (0.5mm) or less from lead center to lead center. (Example: QFP with 15 mil lead pitch)

BGA/QFN/Leadless Placements?
Are there leadless parts on your PCB? A BGA (Ball Grid Array device), QFN (Quad Flat-pack no leads) or other parts without leads. These are surface mount devices with all interconnects or solder joints under the device. Screaming Circuits does 100% post assembly X-ray inspection of all leadless solder joints.

Class III describes the inspection level that is performed on your assembled PCBs. IPC 610 states that Class 2 is standard commercial level inspection and Class 3 is an enhanced level intended for high reliability applications. Screaming Circuits inspects to Class 2 by default and will inspect to Class 3 upon request and for an additional fee.

NOTE: Class III inspection is only available for Full Proto and Short Run services.

Projects protected under the United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) require special security handling. The ITAR classification is typical for projects produced for the US Military and other national security interests. Screaming Circuits will provide full ITAR compliance when the ITAR option is selected during the quote process. Screaming Circuits is not licensed as an exporter or registered as a broker under ITAR.

FULL PROTO Our flagship quick-turn prototype PCB assembly service. If you need a few boards built up quickly and need flexibility in providing components, choose this service. Learn more...

  • Turn-times: 24-Hour, 48-Hour, 5-Day, 10-Day
  • Accepted SMT presentation: Cut tape / Short strips, Reels (full or partial), Tubes, & Trays (Thru-Hole parts in bulk or on tape)
  • Files: Bill of Materials, RS-274X Gerber, Centroid (aka Pick-and-Place)

SHORT-RUN PRODUCTION Our production assembly service optimized for runs of up to 5,000 boards. Perfect for taking your finished design to market at the right price. Learn more...

  • Turn-times: 10-Day, 15-Day, or 20-Day
  • SMT Parts: Continuous Tape (12in or longer), Reels (full or partial), Tubes, & Trays. No cut tape.
  • Thru-Hole Parts: Tape or bulk.
  • Fine Pitch, & BGA/QFN/Leadless Parts: Tubes or trays.
  • PCBs: PCBs smaller than 16 sq. in. (or not square / rectangular) must be panelized. More info...
  • Files: CAD data (in ASCII format), Bill of Materials, RS-274X Gerber, Centroid (aka Pick-and-Place)

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