How to Place a Turn-Key pcb Assembly Order

Placing a turn-key order is not that different from a kitted order. The key difference is that you will not see a materials quote right away. You first place the order, then we will call you about the pcb and components details. In about a day, we will return the full quote and you can decide to proceed or not.

  1. Create a Labor Quote: Tell us the details of your PCB and obtain a price quote. After "Generating" the quote, choose quantity and turn time. Then select "Order". 
  2. "Place" your Order: For a turn-key order, these details will be used to complete your quote. Give a project name and timeline. In the "Box Details" section, enter "Turn-Key"
    In the "Special Instructions", note that this is for a turn-key quote.
  3. Payment Method: You can select "Other" or give us your credit card information (Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx) so we will have it on file. We will not charge it unless you authorize us to proceed
  4. File Upload: The last step of the online order process. On this page you can upload your files (in a single .zip file, please).
  5. Call or Email us: To complete your turn-key quote, we need to speak with you first. The online quote will only show labor costs. We will quote the materials manually.

For Turn-key assembly orders, the online
quote will only reflect the labor costs. Call, toll-free,
1-866-784-5887 to quote the pc board fab and other materials costs.

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Turn-Key PCB Assembly Service Features

Our expanded Turn-Key assembly service is composed of two options:

  • Full Turn-Key: We will handle the entire process—including ordering all parts (circuit board and components), online order tracking and management, assembly, quality inspection and final shipment.
  • Partial Turn-Key: You can order the circuit board or components and Screaming Circuits® will order the remaining parts, then handle order tracking and management, assembly, quality inspection and final shipment.

Turn-Key service is available in addition to our standard assembly services; which includes machine placed SMT assembly, leadless QFN and BGA assembly, fine-pitch component assembly and thru hole assembly.

We follow the same component kit requirements for the selected assembly service on Turn-Key jobs. Please see our Services page for more detail

Note: There is a $150 minimum order on materials for a Turn-Key order.

We Order Only the Parts You Specify

Screaming Circuits guarantees quality service on Turn-Key orders. Screaming Circuits does not stock components. We will buy the exact parts that you specify. This parts procurement policy will prevent:

  • unauthorized part substitutions
  • inappropriate part crosses
  • added expenses for wasted time and materials
  • ordering parts that can’t be used if their life span expires

If a part is not available, experienced Screaming Circuits staff will research possible crosses or substitution parts and then contact you with a list of questions and possible options before placing orders. We have dedicated purchasing staff available to answer questions and communicate about the status of the Turn-Key order.

Note: The procurement time is in addition to the lead time. Turn around on the order does not start until parts have been ordered and received by us. On a standard order, average order lead time is 7 - 10 days before assembly can start.

You must pay for all materials up front before Screaming Circuits can proceed with an order. For Turn-Key orders, see terms and conditions for more details.

Files We Need for Turn-Key Orders

  • Bill of Materials (BOM): We need a BOM listing the required circuit board and all component parts in a Microsoft Excel format. Please highlight in red any components we will not be placing, or any parts that are not included in the kit. BOM must include: Manufacturer’s Part #, Manufacture’s Name, Reference Designator, Description, and footprint (package). You can use Digi-Key part numbers in the BOM. View Sample File
  • Gerbers: Please send us all Gerber files generated by your CAD program, we will need these files for fabrication.
  • Centroid data: This is the machine file, which should include: X, Y, Theta, Side of Board (Top or Bottom), and Reference Designator. If you cannot generate this file, Screaming Circuits® can generate it for you from the gerber files. View Sample File
  • Assembly Drawings: Are not required for assembly, but they do help to ensure all special PCB Assembly instructions are carried out properly.
  • PCBs: Please have a silkscreen which indicates polarity and 1st-pin markings.

PCB Fabrication

We do not fabricate printed circuit boards internally. However, we work very closely with Sunstone Circuits and have relationships with several PCB fabrication shops to best serve our customers. Our philosophy on choosing the appropriate board house for our customers is:

  • We chose the best PCB fabrication house for customer's needs. From same day turns, 2 to 20 layers, flex, controlled impedance and other board characteristics, we maintain relationships with multiple vendors and leverage their strengths given the situation.
  • We order electrical testing on all PCBs as a standard process. We believe that on prototype PCBs, the last thing you want to be worried about are PCB fabrication problems. We can however, purchase PCBs without test in the effort of saving time or money.

We have relationships with other PCB shops as needed and can handle:

  • Rigid and Flex circuits
  • Multilayer
  • Heavy Copper
  • Etc.