Terms and Condition

Screaming Circuits Terms and Conditions

First, thank you for taking the time to check out our terms and conditions. Most people dislike fine print, but it is important so we’re trying not to make it too fine. Getting your job right is a joint effort between you and us and these terms just tell you what we need from you so that we can build your boards the way you want them, when you want them.

  • We do have to hold to these terms and conditions based on our processes and shop floor, so all orders we accept are subject to our terms and conditions unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Screaming Circuits. These terms and conditions supersede all others – even if yours say they supersede ours. If you’re hamstrung by your corporate policy in this regard, check with one of our sales representative and we’ll see what we can do.

Non-Standard Services

Our standard pricing and guarantees apply for services that fall within our standard assembly process. We can often assemble more complex or out-of-the-ordinary jobs. Anything outside of our standard process will require a manual quote and consultation with our manufacturing engineers before we accept the job. We don’t mind extra difficult projects, but we need to spend a little extra time looking everything over.

  • Any services ordered that are not in our Standard Assembly Process set will add time and cost to your selected turn-time. This will be quoted prior to our acceptance of the job.
  • Our delivery guarantee does not apply to non-standard services, though we will do our best to get your job to you on time.

When we need a question answered by you

It’s pretty common for something in a prototype to not quite be right. A pad may not fit the part. A few parts might be missing. Something in the BOM (bill of materials) might be unclear, etc. When that happens, we need to know what you want us to do.

  • If, on the “Parts Information” section of your order form, you selected “Build as much as we can with what is in the kit”, we will not contact you for direction if we run into minor problems with your files or parts, but will just email you with an FYI and will keep building.
  • If our processes folks deem that the parts in question or the number of issues would be overly difficult to deal with after assembly, we will stop the build clock and contact you for further instructions, regardless of your choice on the “Parts Information” section. For example, if you’re missing some BGA parts, we’ll contact you even if you said “Build as much as much as we can with what is in the kit.”
  • If you selected “Call you and discuss options”, that’s exactly what we’ll do.
  • If you don’t want your job held up after hours for something you can resolve over the phone, give us a 24 hour phone number when you place the order. Keep in mind that means we might just call at 4:00 am if that’s when your job is in process.
  • If the question can’t be resolved within 30 minutes, we may have to stop your job and take it off of the machines, adding an additional day to the build clock.

The build clock

Speaking of “build clock”, just what is it? The build clock is what we use to track progress of your job and determine if it’s on time or not. We key off of the shipping companies.

  • Our daily shipments are all here by 12:00 noon, so before noon Pacific Standard Time means the clock starts on that day. After noon, means it starts the following day.
  • Our shipments are picked up at 3:30 p.m. or later, so 3:30 PST is the end of the next day for our build cycle.
  • Therefore, if we have everything ready to go by noon and there aren’t any problems, a 24 hour turn time job will ship out the next day. If you’re picking up will-call, you can pick it up after 3:30.

Things that can stop the build clock or keep it from starting

We would love to never stop the clock on your build, but some things do occasionally pop up that slow us down or prevent us from doing more work on your project. Your build clock may stop or your delivery date changed for any of the following reasons:

  • Files received late from you: we can’t plan your job without the files so we require all data files in house the day before your parts arrive.
  • A new BOM or files set: this may require us to re-start the programming for your job. That will stop the clock and will likely add a day.
  • Late parts: we can’t build a board without parts so the clock doesn’t start until we have all of the required parts here.
    • For turnkey jobs, we’ll order parts and/or PCBs with three-day delivery. The turn-time starts when we have everything here. If you need your turn-key build to start sooner, you may request overnight shipping for the parts to us for an extra $35.00 for each supplier used.
  • PCB or parts mismatches: if your components don’t match their land pads and we can’t reliably make them work, we’ll stop the clock.
  • Files with missing or unclear information: the clock won’t start if your files set is incomplete (we need gerbers, bill of material in Excel format and centroid).
  • Mixed kits: if we receive parts for more than one job mixed into a single kit, the clock won’t start until we’ve separated and sorted it all out. This typically adds one day.
  • Defective PCBs, parts or files: the clock won’t start if we find obvious defects on your parts, PCBs or files that will prevent a quality and reliable assembly.

Files and parts kit requirements

  • BOMs must be provided in Microsoft Excel or delimited text formats. We can convert other format BOMs for a $125 fee.
  • RS-274X Gerber files as generated by your CAD program as if you were sending them for pcb fab. At a minimum we need silkscreen, solder paste (or stencil) and top and bottom copper layers for assembly.
  • You need to include 5% extra parts for all SMT passive components. For 0201 size passives, we need 50% extra because of the potential for attrition at these small sizes. – No bulk SMT parts. Or it will it will be considered short parts.
  • For higher value active components (including BGAs) we need for 1 extra.
  • The PCB must have reference designators & polarity signs clearly marked on it – or clear assembly documentation.
  • All parts with pin 1 or polarity must show some visible mark to identify. If a part is not clearly marked with polarity indicators, we require clear assembly drawings.
  • For Short-Run Production orders only, PCBs smaller than 16sq in. or non-standard shapes (not square or rectangle), must be panelized as detailed in our Panelization Guide. Fiducials are recommended.

Delivery Guarantee Terms

  • We assume that you need some, but not necessarily all of your boards as soon as possible, so we guarantee to deliver half of them within your turn time. If we don’t, we will refund 50% of your assembly labor cost for one day of lateness and the second 50% if we’re another day late. If we do split your shipment, we’ll get you the second half the next day.
  • If we do need to split a shipment, you will not get charged any extra shipping costs.
  • We can’t and don’t extend the same delivery guarantee to customers outside of the U.S. There are just too many variables beyond our or your control. But we’ll still do our best to build and ship your boards on time.
  • The job has to fit within our standard process and follow these terms and conditions to be covered by this guaranty.
  • Some jobs, despite our best efforts, are simply too big to fit into a specific turn time. When that happens, we will notify you prior to the job start date that we need to change your turn time and will charge based on the revised turn-time.


  • Canceled orders: You are liable for the cost parts that have been purchased or expenses that have been incurred prior to canceling an order.
  • Your first order must be pre-paid via a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex.
  • We charge your card at the time your order is placed.
  • Applications for credit terms are subject to our approval and will be considered based on your order history and our evaluation of your credit application. The application process typically takes between a few days and a few weeks, depending on how accessible your references and financial information is.
  • The minimum first order to put on a newly approved account is $2,500.


  • We use UPS as our standard carrier and we can only ship to destinations outside of the U.S. via UPS.
  • If you would like to request other shipping arrangements or charge your shipping account, and are in the U.S., contact a Screaming Circuits sales representative prior to the start of your assembly job.
  • International destinations will incur additional shipping and handling fees based on the size of the order.

Warranty and Screaming Circuits’ liability

  • Screaming Circuits warrants each assembly for workmanship up to 30 days after invoicing.
  • For manufacturing problems caused by Screaming Circuits, we will, at our discretion, repair the problems or refund the price of the assembly labor.
  • Any modifications done to the assembly after you’ve received it nullifies this warranty.
  • Screaming Circuits is not responsible for any damage or lack of functionality caused by defective design, components or PCBs provided by you or as a result of deficiencies in the electronic materials provided by you.
  • In no event shall Screaming Circuits’ liability exceed the amount of the order placed.
  • Screaming Circuits gives no other warranty; either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness.