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Placing a PCB assembly Order

At Screaming Circuits, we want to make it easy for you to get your PCBs assembled. Our basic ordering process is pretty simple: You tell us about your job, we give you a quote, you place the order, we build and send you finished boards. Easy! Read on for more detail...

Get a Quote

Tell us about your job and we’ll tell you what it will cost to build. Quote online, email us, or call 1-866-784-5887

Place Your Order

Name your job, pick your turn-time, and tell us if you have any special instructions. Then provide payment info (we accept Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx) and any promotional coupons / codes you have.

Provide Job Files

We need your job files 24 hours prior to the start of your assembly turn-time. Typically, we need BOM, Gerbers, & Centroid files but see below for more info. You can upload your job files through our website when you are ordering or email them to after you’ve submitted your order.

Send In Parts / Have Us Source Them For You

Once you’ve placed your order, we will need your PCBs and parts in order to begin the job. Gather your kit and ship it to:

Screaming Circuits
ATTN: XXXX-XXXX (replace with your order #)
1140 NW 3rd Avenue
Canby, OR 97013

Please remember: One kit per-box! Mixing parts for multiple jobs in the same box will require us to separate them and that may cause delays and incur extra charges.

If you are having parts shipped directly to us from a supplier, be sure to have them put your order number on the shipping label or pack slip.

Need us to procure parts and / or PCBs? No problem! Simply select “Full” or “Partial” turn-key when placing your order on our website. We’ll source your parts and send you a quote before proceeding with the order. Learn more…

Get Your Finished Boards!

Sit back and enjoy a nice cup of joe while we build up and send out your finished boards. Don’t worry about hitting that deadline, we guarantee delivery!

More: Order Checklist | Terms & Conditions | Delivery Guarantee | Technical Capabilities


File Requirements:

We need a few files in order to start your job. What exactly do we need? Read on!... Remember: Please combine the following files into a single .Zip file. You can then upload it to us via our website when you are placing an order or email it to us after you’ve ordered. If you opt to email it, send it to and make sure to put your order number in the subject field. EX: "Files for order ####-####".

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Your BOM tells us what parts are required to be placed as well as where they should go. We can accept your BOM in a number of formats - .xls, .xlsx, .csv, and tab-delimited. All of these formats can be read and created in Microsoft Excel. Your Bill of Materials for a Kitted order should include:

  • Line / Item #
  • Quantity Per (# of instances of a single part number)
  • Reference Designator
  • Part Number (Digi-Key part numbers are ok)
  • Part Description
  • Package (QFN32, SOIC, 0805, etc.)
  • Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, or BGA / Leadless)

For Turn-Key orders, we require a few more items:

  • Manufacturer’s Name
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number
  • Distributor’s Part Number (again, Digi-Key part numbers are ok)

NOTE: Please highlight in red any components we will not be placing (DNS), or any parts that are not included in the kit.

View: Sample BOM


Please send us all gerber files generated by your CAD program in RS-274X format (as if you were sending them for PCB Fabrication). At a minimum we need the silkscreen, copper (trace), and solder paste (or stencil) layers for assembly.


(aka Insertion or Pick-and-place or XY data) - This is the machine file in ASCII Text format, which should include: X, Y, Theta, Side of Board (Top or Bottom), and Reference Designator. If you cannot generate this file, Screaming Circuits can generate it for you from the gerber files for an extra charge.

View: Sample Centroid | How to Make a Centroid With Eagle CAD

ASCII-Formatted CAD Data

Many CAD systems allow you to export your PCB design in ASCII text (essentially human-readable text as opposed to binary data). This data provides more information than the standard Gerbers we ask for and allows Screaming Circuits to process your job more easily and accurately. Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky figuring out how to export your design in this format. To help, we've put together a guick guide to making ASCII-Formatted CAD files.

NOTE: Required for Short-Run Production Orders only!

View: How to Create ASCII-formatted CAD Files

Assembly Drawings, instructions or photos

Generally these are not required for assembly, but they do help to ensure all special PCB Assembly instructions are carried out properly. If you are requesting any non-standard processes or have ambiguous placements on your board, we strongly recommend you provide any and all drawings, instructions, and photos you have.

More: Services Overview | Services Overview (PDF) | Technical Capabilities


Parts & Kit Requirements

Screaming Circuits can assemble your PCB using SMT parts in a wide variety of packages including cut tape of any length, reels (full or partial), tubes, trays, & continuous tape. We also can work with Thru-Hole parts in bulk or on tape. While we pride ourselves on being able to work with virtually anything you send our way, there are some basic requirements we ask that you follow when providing PCBs & parts.

  • Send your parts kit to: When sending us your job parts, please send to:
    Screaming Circuits
    ATTN: XXXX-XXXX (replace with your order #)
    1140 NW 3rd Avenue
    Canby, OR 97013

  • Please review the service requirements! With the exception of our Full Proto service, each of our assembly services have a handful of requirements that your job must meet in order to qualify. To avoid delays and confusion, please review our services overview before submitting your order.

  • One job kit per-box please! If you put parts for more than one job in the same box, we will have to separate them and that may cause delays and incur extra charges.

  • Don't tape parts strips to anything! It is better to have the strips loose in the box then to have them taped to a piece of paper or cardboard. Taping them can damage the strips and make them unusable by our machines.

  • Pack your parts appropriately! Please keep your parts in the anti-static packaging and moisture-proof packaging that they came in.

  • Electrically test your PCBs! We strongly recommend that your boards be electrically tested at the board fabrication house.

  • Solder mask, silk screen, & fiducials! While it might be tempting to save a few bucks by skipping these important elements of your PCB, we know from painful experience that you will incur greater costs down the line from the mistakes or delays that solder mask, silk screen, and fiducials are intended to prevent.

  • Polarity and 1st-pin markings! Please insure your PCB’s silkscreen indicates part polarity as well as 1st-pin markings.

NOTE: If you provide non-functioning components or PCBs in your kit, we are not liable for repair, rework or replacement of the assembly or components.

More: Services Overview | Technical Capabilities | Order Checklist | FAQs


Attrition & Extra Parts

To accommodate the standard attrition rate incurred when machine-placing small parts, we ask that you provide some extras in your job kit.

  • For parts larger than 0201, please send 5 extra minimum (or 5%, whichever is more).
  • For 0201 parts, include 50% extra to compensate for the higher level of attrition with these parts.
  • For ICs, QFPs and BGAs, please send 1 extra per order.
  • For Lead-Free PCBs (RoHS), Please provide an extra PCB and an extra set of any heat-critical components (actual or dummy parts) to ensure proper oven reflow temperature profiling.

NOTE: extra parts are returned with your finished boards upon completion of your job.

More: Order Checklist | FAQs


Downloadable Guides & Info

To accommodate the standard attrition rate incurred when machine-placing small parts, we ask that you provide some extras in your job kit.