About Us

It's All About You

Our mission is to solve electronic assembly problems for you:

  • Do you need to cut a week or two out of your design schedule?
  • Do you need to get those really tiny or super big parts on your board?
  • Can't get the time of day from your production pcb assembly shop?

We assemble prototype and short-run production pc boards in an environment backed by 60 years of world-class electronic assembly manufacturing experience, and dedicated to managing the uncertainties of prototyping.

What's so special about Screaming Circuits? A lot of people can assemble pcb prototypes, so why is Screaming Circuits different?

  • It's our approach to the problem: We don't want you to conform to us like a traditional electronic assembly manufacturer does. We have built our processes around your job. It is part of our mission to be flexible and adaptable.
  • We don't mix proto assembly with production: Your job is our priority. You will never be bumped down in priority for a volume job. We have a production division, but they have their own equipment and systems and we have ours dedicated to just the small-volume.
  • We want to do this: Most manufacturers today, even those outside of the US, don't want to deal with prototypes or low-volume work - they treat it like it is an unwanted burden. This is what we do and we love it.

Crunch Time: Handling Your Crisis

Handling your crisis is what we do! Our electronic assembly technical capabilities include machine placed SMT down to 0201 components, fine-pitch parts, BGA and leadless parts; board finishes such OSP and ENIG; board types such as rigid, flex, rigid-flex; and virtually any layer count or board size.

With our patented (U.S. Patent 7,475,472) process, we can machine place parts off of any length cut strips - we don't need reels. But, if you want us to, we can use full or partial reels.