Best for… Testing complex designs Finished products
Turn Times 24-hour, 48-hour, 5 or 10 days 10, 15, or 20 days
Quantity Best for 1 to 250 Best for 50 to 5,000
Fullfillment Kitted or Turn-key Kitted or Turn-key
Restrictions Few restrictions apply.
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Some restrictions apply.
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PCB Size Min: .75 in. X .75 in.
Max: 14.5 in. X 19.5 in.
Min: 16 sq. in.
Max: 14.5 in. X 19.5 in.
(PCBs smaller than 16 sq. in.
must be panelized.)
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Parts   SMT parts must be
on reels (full or
partial), tubes, trays
or continuous tape
12 in. or longer
Miscellaneous   Must provide CAD data
(in ASCII / Text format).
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